Pool Fencing

Swimming Pool Fencing and Gates

Pool gates:
An installation comes standard with a double panel manual gate with an option of using an additional self closing spring-loaded gate. This gate allows quick access to the pool (for servicing the weir etc.) without the fear of children following in ones shadow. Its also good for 'swimming capable' older kids to still be able to swim while blocking their younger 'non-swimmer' siblings from getting to the pool. This gate is lockable.

The double panel gate opens to just short of 3 meters, allowing a clear flow in terms of view and pool access, when the pool area is child safe. You can add as many as you want.

Beige, green, and black fence colours are available. Just the edging changes colour, the inner gauze remains black, - as this is the most transparent colour. The poles match the edging colour i.e. beige edging, beige poles for e.g.

About fence panel transparency:
The level of transparency of the inner gauze of this type of fence panel determines the level of the fence as an 'entity'. We have the most transparent fence of its kind in the market. You know EXACTLY what's happening in the pool area behind our fence! (See pic attached vs. our competitions transparency).

Structure of the fence:
The gauze is made of fiber-glass thread, covered in silicon rubber. It is incredibly strong. There is one strand every 5mm, up and down. The edging is made of shade cloth material. The poles are hollow aluminum, - 3 layers thick for the 1st 40cm up the inside of the pole, for rigidity at the bottom. All bolts are stainless steel. We have taken down fences 6 years old, with no apparent deterioration. There is a 3 year warranty.

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