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Child and Pet Safety Pool Cover

This cover conforms to safety standards as it supports the weight of two adults and a child, approximately 150kg and does not require tedious hooks and plates, making it easy and effortless to operate depending on the size of the swimming pool.

A technically superior cover, it is supported across the pool by strengthened aluminium poles that are secured into the cover through sleeves. One end is anchored into place with opposing straps and removable domed anchor bolts. The opposite end has corresponding stainless steel ratchets which allow the cover to be tensioned and secured forming a complete safety barrier over the swimming pool.

An “industrial reinforced webbed™” drainage system has been double welded between each pole in the cover to prevent tearing and which allows rain and sprinkler water to drain into the swimming pool easier and quicker.

The unique “industrial reinforced webbed™” also eliminates the use of a small pump to drain the water off the cover. This eliminates small pools forming on top of the cover, something that poses a threat to curious toddlers.

The cover has a 310mm overlap on all sides, so when the cover is tensioned horizontally across the pool, this pulls the aluminium poles downwards thus allowing ZERO access by children and pets due to the overlap.

The AllSeason Child & Pet Safety Swimming Pool Cover also curbs evaporation and effectively prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool, making it an excellent way to winterize a pool while offering COMPLETE safety.

This cover is available in many different colours of UV treated durable 550gsm and 600gsm PVC, allowing it to  be incorporated into the decor and planning of the home.

Important Note: Adults should always supervise any children playing near or around any swimming pool or water surfaces such as streams, rivers, dams, lakes, ponds, water features or ANY open water surfaces not mentioned.

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