Pool Alarm

Aqua Watch Pool Alarm

Our Aqua Watch comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Our POOL ALARM comes with 3 x 9-volt batteries. battery life is +- one year, with warning sound when flat.
  • The POOL ALARM automatically resets when no movement was detected for 100 seconds .
  • The pool safety alarm will sound at the pool and in the home at the same time at 100db at 1 meter distance.
  • The Aqua Watch monitor can be used in pools up to 32sqm in area.
  • The POOL ALARM has a complete functional test feature every time it is installed in the pool.
  • The REMOTE RECEIVER comes with a 9-volt power supply or it can be plugged into any 220-volt outlet in the house.
  • The POOL ALARM sets stationary on the side of the pool and is easily removed for swimming.
  • The range of the REMOTE RECEIVER is up to 80m from the POOL ALARM.
  • The POOL ALARM requires NO ropes, wires, tie downs or deck anchors.
  • The POOL ALARM is user friendly and completely portable.
  • The Aqua Watch POOL ALARM can be used with a solar blanket or winter cover.
  • Aqua Watch maintains a full customer service department for your convenience.
  • Price of R2250 includes installation in Johannesburg or Pretoria.
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